Final Conference

International Conference

UrbanSCOPE – Urban Sustainable Mobility in focus: student education, community, involvement and participative planning

Organised by the Széchenyi István University

in Győr, 15th September 2022

„Menedzsment Campus 001” Hall, at Széchenyi István University, Győr, Egyetem tér 1, 9026 Hungary

The Conference Theme: Promoting sustainable urban mobility and SUMP through education and public participation

The UrbanSCOPE International Conference is organised in the context of the UrbanSCOPE project, co-funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+. The conference will present the results of the UrbanSCOPE project and will provide a forum for wider education and scientific community of other relevant stakeholders in Europe to present their views, policies and good practices, and discuss the conference theme, reflecting also on active citizenship and public participation for improving sustainable urban mobility in their local area.

We hereby invite academics, researchers, local government officials, NGOs and other civil society organisations, planners, teachers, students, schools, private businesses and citizens to share their views and good practices in order to improve the mobility of urban environments. Although the primal target groups of integrated mobility plans are the policy makers, professionals and authorities of the cities, it is extremely important to introduce these concepts in education. By making students of different education level familiar with SUMPs, we do not only train future professionals, but also raise responsible citizens, who will be more tolerant towards sustainable urban mobility modes.

The background

The need for sustainable urban mobility has been high on the EU agenda, bearing in mind the increasing importance of energy saving, sustainable lifestyle and urban quality of life. Moreover, Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) is a major topic in the European Commission’s Urban Mobility Package. SUMP underlies cooperation across different policy areas, across disciplines and government levels, and emphasizes cooperation with citizens. It is important to integrate the concept and practices of sustainable mobility planning in the studies of all levels of education, so that the students (the later professionals and active citizens) own the basic principles of SUMP.

Presentations of the Conference

You can view and download all the presentations of the International Conference, here:

Fouli Papageorgiou: The involvement of local society in SUMP. The experience of UrbanSCOPE Download

Lanqing Gu: High quality walking environments for Martinsviertel, Darmstadt, Germany (Video presentation) Download

After the welcoming speeches, the first part of the programme was focusing on the theory and concept of SUMP, including 4 presentations. The second Panel was focusing on the core results of the UrbanSCOPE project, and included 3 presentations. The presentations were focusing on the first four Intellectual Outputs (IO1, the SUMP Analysis, IO2, the involvement of local society and the Task Force, IO3 and IO4: the learning methodology and the pilot testing in higher education). After the lunch break, the third Panel was dealing with the created and used digital tools, and in particular the UrbanSCOPE Competition. This session included 5 presentations. The first two was focusing on the presentation of the fifth Intellectual Output (IO5, the Competition), as well as the digital tools that were used. The last 3 presentations of the session were given by the winners of the UrbanSCOPE Competition, in all three participating countries (Greece, Germany and Hungary). The Greek winners were presenting in person, the Hungarian winner presented his work online, while the German winner was presented through a video. After the presentations, the conference ended with a short workshop, by discussing the experiences of the day, and giving the conclusions.

After the UrbanSCOPE Conference, a Proceeding was collected and published by the Széchenyi István University.

UrbanSCOPE Conference Proceedings

Editor: Honvári Patrícia, Published by the Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary, 2022. ISBN: 978-615-6443-11-3

The UrbanSCOPE Conference Proceedings is available here for reading and downloading purposes.