National Workshops

SUMP Workshop in Hungary, Győr (29/04/2022)

In order to widen and deepen the consultation on the prepared scenarios, as well as to disseminate the UrbanSCOPE Competition, an actual and more intense involvement of the community was realized during the National Multiplier Event (Workshop) that took place on 29.04.2022 at the City Hall in Győr. Main target group of the event were locals, citizens (both students and teachers from the secondary as well as university education), with the main goal to promote the activities of UrbanSCOPE project, and get a feedback from them.

The workshop lasted for 2 hours, and had several core elements:

  • Introduction of the UrbanSCOPE project and the 3 alternative scenarios
  • Selecting the preferred scenario by involving the local community
  • Introduction of the UrbanSCOPE competition and the digital tools

After the welcoming speeches, the first part of the programme was focusing on the introduction of the UrbanSCOPE project, highlighting the main goals, aims and activities. A special attention was given to the presentation of the SUMP Learning Methodology and the experiences of the pilot phase, as well as the work of the Task Force and the content of the 3 elaborated scenarios. After the presentations, the participants were asked to vote and select their preferred scenario – a common vision, which they think would best serve the realization of a more sustainable urban mobility.

The second part of the National Workshop was focusing on the launching of a wider campaign, and the presentation of the UrbanSCOPE competition. Participants got to know the details of the competition, how they can enter and participate, what are the submission terms, and what prizes will be hand out. Furthermore, a detailed presentation was also made about the digital tools (in particular the MEES application and the Siftr) that are necessary to use within the competition. All participants were asked to disseminate the competition to other interested parties.

About the event, the Győr+ local media presented a short article on Facebook and a video-report, with the title “Chance to design sustainable routes”. If you want to check out the content of the video-report, please CLICK HERE.

SUMP Workshop in Darmstadt, Germany (13/06/2022)

The multiplier event was organized by the City Planning Office of the City of Darmstadt and in collaboration with the TUDarmstadt. The main objective was to present to the public the project in general and the results of the action plan, namely the proposals for the re-design of the Woogsplatz. In addition, the event had as an objective to promote the competition (IO5) among the citizens through a short explanation about this activity.

Only the presentation of the action plan took the most of the time of the event followed by an interactive discussion among the citizens and the partners of the project SCOPE. It was a great opportunity since the COVID-19 Pandemic to show to the citizens the project in a present event, which created the room for getting to know better the project by asking questions and making comments.

SUMP Workshop in Glyfada, Greece (06/05/2022)

The objective of the Workshop was to bring together local stakeholders from the fields of education, urban planning, mobility, the civil society and policy makers, in an effort to disseminate the results of the project and especially the UrbanSCOPE methodology and learning tools, including the UrbanSCOPE digital tools; and to launch and promote the SUMP competition. The Workshop was organized as a national dissemination event in Glyfada, and was part of the wider SUMP campaign undertaken by the partners PRISMA and the City of Glyfada regarding the awareness raising for sustainable mobility issues within the city. The Workshop invited the education community of the city, civil society organisations related to the topic; and the citizens of Glyfada, while the Glyfada Task Force had a prominent role. The Workshop took place at the Inter-school Centre of Glyfada on 6th May 2022, and presented the UrbanSCOPE project (partners, aim and objectives, activities and results accomplished), especially focusing on the SUMP Competition and the UrbanSCOPE Digital Tools (MEES Platform and Siftr). The SUMP Competition was officially launched, outlining the process, objectives and deadlines and encouraging all participants to disseminate it widely through their own networks. The UrbanSCOPE digital tools were also presented through a demonstration and presentation of examples of outputs. The 42 participants included educators, secondary education students, representatives of the Municipality, members of NGOs and interested citizens.

SUMP Workshop in Utrecht, the Netherlands (29/09/2022)

The UrbanSCOPE national SUMP workshop at Utrecht took place 29th of September, 2022. At the workshop, the UrbanSCOPE digitital tool was demonstrated and the results of a usability study was presented. We discussed how the tool can be used for location‐based games, using VR elements, for both highschool students, and university students Urban Mobility Planning. The event took place at the campus of Utrecht University, Bolognalaan 101, Utrecht. The workshop evolved around the presentation and demoing the UrbanSCOPE tool. Its purpose was explained, and it was shown how a user can make a collection amenities and roads to be employed in the mobility planning, how routes can be planned, and how different scenarios in city planning effects route planning. We presented the results of a pilot study on the accuracy and user experience for different methods of specifying locations for the amenities and start and ending locations of roads and routes. After that, the workshop discussed a number of discussion points such as privacy, and technical aspect such as GPS accuracy.

The workshop was aimed at people from and invited by researchers from human geography and spatial planning, with an emphasis on mobility planning. The event was announced on the website and distributed through mailing lists. The connections with the Health Hub Utrecht were deployed.