7 partners (4 research-partners and 3 cities) across Europe are working closely together to implement the UrbanSCOPE project.

Széchenyi István University (consortium leader)

The University’s predecessor in title, the Transportation and Telecommunication College of Technical Sciences was established in 1968. It has got university status since 2002 with two faculties. Year by year the university is expanding. Today Széchenyi István University has nine faculties, and four doctoral schools. The University provides education as well as research work in the fields of engineering – especially for the automotive industry, IT, architecture –, pedagogy, economics, environment, international relations, law and administration, agriculture and food sciences, social work, healthcare, and musical arts. Széchenyi István University’s quality is reflected not only in the national marketplace but also at the international level, as many multinational companies hire our graduates and work with our university. Its activities encompass training at all levels, from the vocational courses through the BSc and MSc to the doctoral training and MA programme. Over the last few years the internationalization of the University has also started offering twenty-four English-taught programmes. The University provides initial training leading to a BSc and MSc and PhD degree in various fields, offers post-graduate courses and carries out research, consultancy and other professional activities. Degrees (BSc, MSc, PhD) are issued after the successful completion of a program, after collecting the required number of credits, submission and defence of the final thesis. The credits at Széchenyi István University are ECTS conform credits. The institution – in accordance with the traditions – pursues predominantly applied research. Particular attention is paid to research activities that are multidisciplinary and fall within a scientific field. In addition to these activities, interdisciplinary projects that fall within the periphery of the fields of study at the university, which have a social and economic aspect to them and deal with critical problems, are also integrated into the research work of the university.

Technical University Darmstadt

PRISMA Centre for Development Studies

Utrecht University

City of Győr

City of Darmstadt

City of Glyfada