International SUMP Competition

YOU are invited to join a competition to propose solutions for sustainable mobility in your neighbourhood, your city!  Are you up to the task?

Why is sustainable urban mobility (SUM) important?

Sustainable Urban Mobility is seen as a shift in urban mobility in order to protect the environment by decreasing the CO2 emissions through a turn to environmentally friendly mobility means, making it economically sustainable and affordable, and socially inclusive and fair, respecting the mobility needs of all citizens, young and old, able and disabled alike.

SUM is also about promoting public health in cities, in terms of encouraging and adopting mobility lifestyles that promote the health of citizens in a wide sense (e.g. promoting physical exercise through walking or cycling, decreasing noise pollution, alleviating stress connected to car traffic and parking, creating quality urban spaces and pleasant daily journeys, etc.).

Finally, SUM is about active citizens who participate in the planning process and influence decisions. The citizen is no longer seen as a passive passenger who needs to be transported to a destination, but as an active citizen able to select the best way to access a destination, often combining transport means to achieve a sustainable, safe, comfortable and efficient mobility.

What is the competition about?

We are looking for “scenarios” that integrate or enhance SUM in your city! By scenarios we mean designing alternative sustainable mobility routes, using the existing and/or new proposed infrastructure.

Follow the STEPS below:

STEP 1Think of a route you would like to examine in your city and define the starting point (A) and the destination (B). For example the starting point A can be your home or a meeting place in your neighbourhood, and your destination B can be your school or the city centre. It’s up to you!
STEP 2Move along the route from A to B and define issues and challenges related to SUMP, i.e. accessing your destination by walking, cycling, public or municipal transport (e.g. bus, train, tram, metro). Challenges can relate to safety, lack of infrastructure, obstacles etc. A great tool to map these issues using your mobile devices is Siftr (
STEP 3Based on your findings please use the MEES platform to design the necessary interventions to support 3 alternative routes from A to B, using various combinations of sustainable mobility means (i.e. walking, cycling, public transport) or even the car or motorcycle. Interventions can include the integration of new public transport infrastructure (e.g. tram, metro or train lines, bus routes etc.), bicycle lanes or stations, pedestrian ways or pavements, car parking stations, etc. Remember, the alternative routes you propose must be environmentally friendly, respect the mobility needs of all citizens (young and old, able and disabled), be economically sustainable and make the most of the existing infrastructure, and promote healthier lifestyles.
STEP 4Fill in the application form and submit it. The application form will ask you to explain your choice of interventions and routes, and justify them in terms of effectiveness with regard to SUMP:
– Environmentally sustainable (i.e. reducing carbon emissions)
– Socially inclusive (i.e. taking into account the mobility needs of different profiles of citizens like children, the elderly, the disabled, etc.)
– Economically sustainable (i.e. offering affordable options, making the most of the existing infrastructure and not requiring too expensive interventions)
– Promoting healthy lifestyles (i.e. physical exercise, minimizing stress etc.) 

Both proposed tools (Siftr and MEES platform) are easy to use and do not require any prior expert knowledge in programming. Instructions on how to use the tools, as well as additional learning material on SUMP, is available in the project website.

Upon registration to the competition, you will receive your account details to access the MEES platform.

Who can enter?

We encourage university students, secondary school students as well as other people who have an interest in SUM (e.g. local groups, clubs and societies, individual residents or groups of residents) to register and participate!

If you are interested to take part in the competition, please register here!

Deadline and how to submit your entry

The deadline to register in the competition is 15th May 20th May 2022.

The deadline to submit an entry is 10th June 2022.

Instructions for the digital platforms (Siftr & MEES)

(Please note, that English competition entries are currently available in Hungary/Győr!)