SUMP Handbook of UrbanSCOPE

Handbook for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) in education

Learning methodologies and participatory urban planning for secondary/higher education and policy makers.

The objective was to summarise the experience gained from the UrbanSCOPE project and prepare a Handbook that addresses the education community and policy makers.The Handbook includes two main sections: (Part I.) higher education together with a subchapter of family education section and (Part II.) policy makers section.

The expected impact of the Handbook is directed towards the education community, highlighting the advantages of bringing closer the local communities to the learning process in universities and schools; towards local authorities, aiming to inform their planning processes of the benefits of community involvement and public participation in decisions; and to the wider public, offering online information and learning opportunities on SUMP, diffusing the importance of sustainable mobility for the environment and quality of life in cities.

The Handbook is based on the following structure:

Part I: SUMP Learning for Educational Institutions

  • The SUMP Learning Methodology
  • Integrating Digital tools for learning
  • The UrbanSCOPE Digital Tool
  • The Course
  • Outlook

Part II: Another approach of SUMP Learning for Policy Makers

  • SUMP in three different European Cities
  • Engaging the public and different stakeholders into Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning
  • A method to engage citizens in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning – A SUMP Competiton
  • Outlook

You can read and download here the SUMP Handbook in English, German, Greek and Hungarian.